The 7 Best Triceps  Exercises For Building Muscle 

Best Triceps Workout

Best Triceps Exercises: The addition of a comprehensive set of triceps workouts is a need if you want to develop your upper body. While your biceps make up a sizable amount of your arms, your triceps make up the majority of your upper arms. Therefore, you must exercise both your triceps and your biceps if you want to bulk up your arms and build those muscles.
The triceps muscle has three heads: the first one goes along the back of your arms, the second one is the muscle’s outermost portion, and the third one, which can be seen closer to your elbow, runs underneath the other two. Although triceps training can be challenging, it’s crucial to exercise your triceps.

1. Trestle Dip

Dips alone have a history of producing mass. Their only issue is that many individuals lack the rep range (8–12) necessary for maximum muscular growth. Either that or they have far too many options. Use a band or a machine with aided dips and pullups in the first scenario. Use a dip belt or a small dumbbell between your knees or feet to add weight to the latter exercise.

Dips work the triceps more than the chest, so maintain as much verticality as you can. Keep your elbows close to your sides and avoid stooping forward. Consider yourself incapable of using dips. Look at any male gymnast—those dips require standard-issue horseshoe triceps!

2. Bench Dangle

According to EMG data, the triceps are significantly activated during a bench dip. How can you improve this traditional calisthenics move? by adding weight to increase the load!

To load up properly and safely, have a buddy lay weights across your lap. Simply remove a plate from your set to prolong it for intensity boosters like drop sets.

Various Bench Dips for Triceps Growth:
  • Bench dangle
  • Bench dip with weights

Put this exercise either in the middle or at the end of your workout, aiming for three sets of 8–12 repetitions. This exercise may not be the greatest choice if you are extremely exhausted because you run the risk of rounding your shoulders, which could impair your stability.

  • Bench dip with feet raised

3. Machine Dip for Triceps

Selecting and switching weights for various rep ranges is extremely simple with this compound workout. To increase your intensity, you can easily perform forced reps, drop sets, or even rest-pause sets.

Pro tip: A common mistake made by trainees during this exercise is that they stop short of fully extending their triceps and bending their elbows. Use the entire range of motion because your triceps can stretch your elbow.

Changes to the triceps machine dip for triceps growth:

a machine that produces a dip

You’ll be persuaded that this is one of the best arm muscle-building machines available if you use it early in or in the midst of your workout for 3–4 sets of 6–10 repetitions. For upper-arm burnout, you might also increase the reps to ten.

4. Button Press

It’s easy to see that the last two-thirds of the bench press movement, or the triceps, are primarily made up of elbow extension. This is one of the main reasons why extremely powerful pressers place a high priority on triceps training and like the board press to do it.

By placing 2x4s on your chest during the board press, you can preferentially train the lockout while performing a partial rep of the bench press. a lack of boards? The pins may be placed a few inches above your chest by simply sliding a seat within the rack, which would be a simpler gym hack.

5. Overhead Triceps Extension With a Dumbbell

The long head of the triceps is given priority once your arms are overhead. It’s always a good idea to incorporate some sort of overhead movement into your triceps workout because this head is challenging to target otherwise.

Thankfully, you have choices! With a partner, you may go heavy and perform some forced repetitions. You can go one arm or two, sit or stand, and go either way.

After harder movements in the second portion of your workout, perform your extensions for around 3 sets of 8–10 repetitions. As you decrease the weight, pay particular attention to obtaining a nice stretch during the eccentric phase of the lift.

6. Rope-Enabled Cable Extension Above

Cable overhead presses emphasize the frequently undeveloped long head, much like dumbbell overhead exercises do. If you had to choose between this and dumbbells, the constant tension offered by the cable may end up being more beneficial.

The Different Cable Overhead Extensions for Triceps Growth:

Low-profile triceps extension with a cable

triceps extension with a high cable

low cable triceps extension with a single arm

triceps press with your own weight

You exercise: If you perform three sets of 8–12 reps, this is a terrific second or third exercise to substitute for push-downs.

7. Kick-Back Using a Single-Arm Cable

We’re not great supporters of the dumbbell kick-back because it’s so easy to cheat at and the angle of resistance is less effective than what you can get with a resistance band or cable. Surprisingly, research conducted by ACE Fitness discovered that a well-performed kick-back might be just as efficient at engaging the triceps as either dips or overhead extensions.

Just be careful not to drop your elbow—it’s a fairly common error, but it’s significant enough to fall under the “Laws of Triceps Training.” Squeeze with your elbow completely extended and your upper arm parallels to the floor. Simply hold the rubber ball at the end of the cable; don’t use a handle here. You might also use a resistance band.

Triceps Growth Kick-Back Variations:

Cable with a single arm kick-back

Kick-back with one arm only

In your workout: Maximum contraction is important, and you won’t be able to lift very much weight with this exercise, so put it last. Aim for three sets of 10–12 repetitions. Take a bench and incline it up to around a 60-degree angle to maximize the muscular activation during this cable kickback. Perform the cable kick-back with your upper arm locked parallel to the floor while facing the weight stack and with your chest on the bench.